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A project of a family's lifetime

As we were expecting our first child, we started to envision our future as a family. We felt that we wanted a common space/project that we can work on and grow in. We hence started seeking a place that would allow us to live by our ideals and accommodates our ideas. We wanted to quit the urban life and offer our child a similar upbringing as we had enjoyed ourselves – in the country side, closer to nature.

And also, to bring our modern way of life in a more sustainable contex where possible.
We aim to, at least partially, live off the land and it was the idea of regenerative agriculture that got us hooked initially. It combines the latest knowledge about farming and traditional methods that gear the land towards healthy soil-building, adding longterm value for the land – and ideally a lot of beauty too.  
At this imaginary place, we envisioned, friends and family as well as strangers from all walks of life could gather around great food and an experience close to nature.
And thanks to pure fortune and brave decision-making, we found this place in March of 2020 that would allow for all of the above and much more. Since November of 2020 we can finally live here and enjoy great support from friends and family to start our life here, in a village of 100 people in the Southern Black Forest. And thanks to great helpers, we were already able to start planting the first 10 trees of the orchard. We are now beyond excited to see, whether these will grow any green leafs in spring and how our journey at FELLAFARM continues...

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