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This should give an overview of the things we do in the field on FELLAFARM to turn it in to a small, producing farm – ideally following the concepts of regenerative farming.



November 2020

To turn ideas into reality is what makes us happy. With the planting of a first bunch of fruit-trees, we would like to shape our small patch of land and make it more furtile. The orchard should one day be the ideal habitat for a couple of sheep and chickens. They'll find shade and an abundance of grass. And us, we'll hopefully get plenty of fruit. Last but not least, the orchard should also make the farm's appearance more pleasant and contribute to the landscape of the village.



November 2020

Although we only made it to FELLAFARM in November 2020, we still got lucky and were able to harvest the apples of one healthy tree. 183kg of sweet apples to be exact. Since then, we sip on the more than 100 liters of juice that we got out of it.

It was our first experience as producers of a raw good, which got refined at the local juicery. To us, this was a great feeling, which we would surely appreciate to get more of in the future.

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