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Below you see an overview of things we so far carry as thoughts or which we conceptualized into something more concrete.



December 2020

To find a name and a logo for our project took some time. Since our son gets to carry Sophie's last name, it was Elias' turn to hand his name to the farm. His lastname is "Gfeller", which means "the one living at the hillside" in bernese german. Our property certainly is located at the hillside too, so naturally we become Gfeller-people. Now, given that the pronouciation of this name is almost impossible, we aimed at simplifying it greatly: The name FELLAFARM was born. The wheelbarrow stnding at the slope, on its way to plant something new is basically what our day looks like. "Farm to table to making sense" is the slogan that keeps us going.
We would like to thank Sophie's sister, who's shared her creativtiy with us in order to find a suitable logo.



May 2020

At start, it was just a long-held vision. The vision to build on a project that would include the entire family, which is shaped entirely by us. Mainly because we expected a child, but also thanks to the Corona-Lockdown we were able to do research and form concrete ideas.

It should be a place where we can grow food without exploiting the land, using principles of regenerative agriculture. We would like to share this experience with guests and inspire others to do the same.

Luckily we found the perfect place for us in March of 2020, where this would be possible - where our ideas hit the soil...

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