El Babárbol

Dear Patrick,

Here we would like to document for you the journey of El Babárbol.

We really appreciate your support and welcome you to visit both us and your tree should you ever feel like it.

Thanks to your donation, we hope to build our orchard as part of Fellafarm's ecosystem.


We look forward to seeing you here.

All the best,

the Fellafarmers Sophie & Elias


El Babárbol


47°40'10.4"N 8°12'52.6"E


Type of tree:

Gellerts Butterbirne (Pear)


Role on the farm:

Babárbol is part of the orchard we newly planted to the east end of our patch of land. Check out our vision sheet to see, where the tree was put during planning (tree S05). 

Here, we would like to have an interaction between grazing sheep, ground scratching chickens and fruit trees sometime soon (that's of course going to happen once we feel ready to have all these animals).
El Babárbol should deliver sweet pears one day which will add the necessary sugar to a potential cider production or pear juice.